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Journal News Again Endangers Lawful Pistol Licensees

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As most members are aware, the Journal News, the local Gannett newspaper,
has again taken reckless and irresponsible action to further its unceasing
attacks on legal, lawful firearm ownership.

Similar to what the Journal News did in 2006 when they published the database
of all Westchester pistol licensees, the latest attack is an online, interactive
map of Westchester (and other counties) with red dots on the addresses of
pistol licensees.  It can be viewed on LoHud’s site:


The map can be expanded to show street detail, and using Google Maps the house  and
surrounding terrain can be viewed.

Unfortunately the names and addresses of pistol license holders
are a “public record”, and as such are available to anyone.  By openly publishing this data
the Journal News has not only placed pistol licensees in jeopardy, but they have also needlessly
endangered the safety of the general public.  In effect they have published a
“shopping list for criminals”, who would otherwise not have access to such information.

It is clear that the Journal News intends to intimidate and endanger lawful pistol licensees.
Besides showing what houses have licensed individuals, it also shows what houses
DO NOT have pistol licensees — valuable information to criminals who do not want to
chance facing armed citizens.

The Journal News recklessness extends even further.  The list contains the names of
current and retired police officers, judges, attorneys and others who are exposed to serious
threat by making it easy to locate and “case” their homes anonymously online.

Nearly every legislative session in Albany sees a bill introduced to make pistol license data private and
confidential, much like medical and mental records, available only to those with valid legal reasons
to access them.  However, it is the CITY-DEMOCRAT-CONTROLLED ASSEMBLY
that refuses to pass this common-sense law.  Their inaction, or rather their willful action against these
privacy proposals, speaks volumes about their true intent towards legal, lawful firearm ownership.

Other states that saw pistol license information published did in fact make their databases confidential
and thereby stopped such irresponsible action.

The reaction to this latest outrage has been immediate and vehement.  The Journal News admits in
today’s paper that the response has been “The overwhelming majority of comments strongly object to the article”.
it can be viewed at:


The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association has alerted its members and is utilizing its
phone bank to assist firearm owners in contacting the Journal news to register their displeasure
and to organize a boycott of the Journal News and its advertisers.

For now the most effective steps you can take are to:

1) write the Journal News and condemn them — and cancel your subscription

2) write or call your elected state representatives and demand that they pass a law making pistol license
databases confidential.  The public safety cannot be compromised by reckless anti-gun
zealots such as the Journal News staff whose bias overrides any concern for the safety of lawful

3) write to the Journal News ADVERTISERS and tell them that effective immediately you will refuse
to patronize them unless and until they pull their ads from the Journal News.

One last legal activity which emphasizes that “turnabout is fair play” is to “out” all of the management
and staff at the Journal News.  Their personal information, too, is online for everyone to see.
Visit this site for extensive information on the Journal News staff:


We will have other anti-gun issues to address during the coming year.  We need to
put the anti-gun zealots and victim disarmament proponents on notice that we don’t intend
to sit quietly on the sidelines while our rights are violated and the personal safety of ourselves and
our families is threatened by the reckless political acts of cowards.

This article was written by WCFOA