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New York organizations file Notice of Claim against NYSAFE law

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The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association (NYSRPA), the Westchester County
Firearm Owners Association (WCFOA), the Sportsmen’s Association for Firearm
Education (SAFE) and AR-15.com.LLC have filed a Notice of Claim against
the State of New York regarding the recently passed NY SAFE law.

As all gun owners no doubt know, this law was passed literally in the dark of
night,  with no public notice, no public input or participation.
Contrary to customary State protocol the bill was not held for public view
for three days, but rather was rammed through the Legislature.  It is
an outrage.  It contains flaws and errors and it is a disgrace.

By filing this lawsuit, the New York State organizations involved have made
clear their intent, and the intent of their members, to fight this law on every
level, and to take it, if necessary, to the United States Supreme Court.
It is not an exaggeration to state that the future of gun ownership in New York State
hinges on the outcome of this lawsuit.  In fact the future of gun ownership in the
United States will be affected directly by the outcome of this New York lawsuit.

The move to disarm lawful firearm owners and strip them of their
Constitutionally-recognized, individual right to lawfully keep and bear arms
is a cancer.  It is a cancer that has taken root in, as Governor Cuomo
stated in this State of the State address, “the Progressive capital of the country”,
New York.  If this unconstitutional violation is allowed to stand it will
undoubtedly spread.  We see signs of that already as President Obama and
Vice-President Joseph Biden take their dog-and-pony anti-gun show on
the road, countrywide, replete with the lies, distortions and falsehoods that
always have characterized the citizen disarmament movement’s tactics.

The organizations that are plaintiffs in the lawsuit have committed to see this lawsuit
through to its conclusion.  This means that the costs of the suit have also been

Now is the time to “do something” by helping to fund this suit.  Those who can afford
to make a donation to defray the costs of the suit can do so by going to
www.WCFOANY.org and clicking on the
“donate” button on the main page.  Funds can be donated using PayPal or ANY credit card. 
OR, donations may be mailed in to WCFOA, PO Box 91, Rye Brook, NY 10573.  Mark your
check “NYSAFE lawsuit”.

There is no alternative but to win this lawsuit.    We will be sending updates
as the lawsuit progresses.

The Notice of Claim can be viewed/downloaded here: NYSAFE Notice of Claim

We wish to thank all of our members for their past support and reaffirm our intent
to see this battle through to the end.

This article was written by WCFOA